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WE NEED YOU! – To volunteer for MindMate.

by MindMate Volunteers – 1st Oct 2019

There are many reasons young people should volunteer, and here at MindMate we have a lot of volunteer opportunities.  If you’re 16- 25 you can volunteer for MindMate.

“A great experience not only personally learning new things, but this can also go on your CV, within this role you can be pushed out of your comfort zone to try new things. Within this you learn a lot not only about yourself but about others also which you would not necessarily get to know about on a day to day basis.” – Sammie (MindMate Volunteer)

“It is important to speak out about mental health especially as a young person and this volunteer role gives you the chance to do this, as well as inputting ideas to the ambassador team, we also get to volunteer closely with the team.” Chloe – MindMate Volunteer

Group of three girls sit at desk on laptop, one drinking tea

We also have our own volunteer team meetings where you can meet like-minded people – we meet every month in Leeds City Centre. And you never know it might lead to a paid ambassador role.

Some of the opportunities you might have as a MindMate volunteer are:

  • Speaking to the general public about what MindMate is
  • Public speaking at events about your own experiences or generally about mental health.
  • Holding MindMate information stalls
  • Working on current campaigns with the MindMate team
  • Attending events based on mental health
  • Coming up with future ideas for MindMate
  • Working alongside the MindMate Ambassadors

These aspects are all useful in terms of university applications, your CV and you will also helping further break down the stigma within mental health by opening discussions and letting the people of Leeds know about the MindMate website and what services are available in Leeds for them.

Find our volunteer group on Facebook and ask to join, or email the MindMate team if you’re interested in volunteering.

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