Keeping active

Keeping active is great for your body and your mind, from playing footie to trying to walk to school everyday. Take our quick quiz and discover which activities would really suit you.

Why is exercise so good?

Stay fit and healthy

This in turn helps you feel good about your body.

It can be fun!

You just need to find the right exercise for you.

Develop new skills

Learn a new sport and make new friends.

It releases endorphins

There are ‘happy chemicals’ which help make you feel good.

Find the right exercise for you

There’s loads of ways to get your 60 minutes exercise. Not just straightforward walking, but team sports, yoga and even adrenaline sports and martial arts training. Take our quiz to discover which activities would really suit you.

Everyday exercises

In your everyday life there are some activities which can be swapped for more active options. Swipe the items below to see how you can become more active.

Illustration of bus full of young people

Driving or getting the bus

Sometimes you need to get the bus, but there are other options that can help you to move more.

Illustration of young person on skateboard

There are other ways to get around!

It can be fun to travel on a bike or a skateboard instead of relying on public transport.

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Illustration of cheeseburger

Lazy lunchtimes

Used to sitting inside at lunchtime or not moving about much?

Illustration of young person kicking football

Active lunchtimes

Instead could you play a game of footie or netball or go for a walk?

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Illustration of xbox controller

Playing computer games

Watching TV or playing computer games can be a good way to relax but they don’t help you to move much!

Illustration of person riding bike

Exercise can still be relaxing

Why not try a quick 30 minute blast of exercise, such as a walk, a bike ride or yoga?

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Illustration of person on bench

Sneaky shortcuts

It’s easy to get the lift or to sit down on the bus but could you be moving more?

Illustration of young person in football gear

Keep active

Take the stairs, choose a further bus stop or stand up on the bus!

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Illustration of lightbulb not lit

Boring evenings and dull weekends

It can get boring sitting inside watching TV or milling around the house.

Illustration of dog on lead

Plan some activities!

Head to the park and get your family and friends involved! You could try dog walking, a treasure hunt or a big team game of rounders or basketball.

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Just remember, everything counts! Even getting off the bus a couple of stops early when you’re going into town. If you choose a sport you love, whether that’s martial arts or gymnastics, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. And afterwards, you’ll feel great.

Overcoming exercise fear

Serious question, are you worried about exercising? Is something stopping you, or you’re not sure where to begin? Here we’ve tackled some issues that you might be having and asked our experts for advice on getting past them…

Still unsure or have a question? Try speaking to your sports teacher at school or get more information from the NHS’ useful factsheet.

Ready to start exercising?

Just a few small changes will help you feel happier and healthier every day.

Remember, you’re aiming for 60 minutes of activity every day. That’s four 15 minute slots, which you can fill-up with any sport or activity – from walking to school to games lessons or joining a sports club. Don’t worry if you don’t get 60 minutes every day – it’s just important to try your best, because then you’ll feel even better.

There’s lots of local activities to get involved in!

Sports clubs in Leeds

Find sports clubs in Leeds and your local area and find out how you can take part.

Sports clubs in Leeds

Cycle Leeds

Cycle Leeds has bike training courses for everyone, so you can learn how to ride safely in your local area.

Learn how to ride safely


GO TRI is for everyone. They offer sessions, to give you a try of a triathalon, no matter your level! Find a swim, bike or run session or take part in your very first multisport event.

Find GO TRI session near you

LGBT sports

Find loads of information on sports clubs for anyone who identifies as LGBT. Join up, meet new friends and get active.

LGBT sport clubs in Leeds

Disability Sport

If you’re disabled, this page has plenty of information about sports clubs and events in Leeds for you to get involved in.

Disability sports clubs

Leeds Let’s Get Active

Includes ideas for staying active at home.

Find out more


Discover loads of unusual activities in your local area, from junior bootcamp classes to capoeira (a Brazilian form of martial arts and music).


Breeze Active

The Breeze Active website has loads of information about sports and activities in Leeds, including lessons and sports club searches.

Breeze Active