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Welcome to the MindMate blog.

All blogs are written by young people in Leeds sharing their personal views on topics they care about. Have a browse below or search by 'category' ... and feel free to leave comments!

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Covid life

by Megan – 22nd Jun 2020

University has finished and my plans have changed – but it’s okay to be a bit of a mess right now

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Dealing with deadlines – lockdown edition

by Maggi – 12th May 2020

‘Tis the season for Microsoft nightmares, irritable emails and coffee. The last couple of months have been a crazy time for most and emotions seem to be heightened in this isolation scenario. Social media, the news and society in general create extra pressure when dealing with day-to-day tasks which can be hard never mind mixed […]

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Daniel’s story

by Rachael – 25th Sep 2018

My interview with Emma about her son Daniel who lost her son to suicide last year.

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