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Professional resources

MindMate has lots of resources which can help support the work you do.

Our pages for young people and for parents may be useful for your reference. Use the search function (top right of any page) to search key words. The resource bank below is a collection of useful documents and web links gathered by other professionals in Leeds.  Use the filters to help search.

If you have ideas about resources we could add, or a topic you would like to see, please let us know using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Just worrying labelling technique

A one page sheet explaining how to approach worrying by using a labelling technique


On My Mind website

Aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their mental wellbeing. Pages co-produced with other young people.


We all have mental health

We All Have Mental Health is an animation and toolkit designed to give young people aged 11-14 a common language and understanding of what we...


What survival looks like in primary school

Free downloadable handouts for parents on trauma, plus whole school and class resources


Self injury: young people’s experiences

Two of our MindMate Ambassadors talk about their perspective and experience of self injury and some of the myths surrounding self harm. 10 min film.



“Epigenetics” is an emerging area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences—children’s experiences—actually affect the expression of their genes. This is an easy-to-read graphic...


From Timid To Tiger: A Treatment Manual for Parenting the Anxious Child

Evidence Based manual for mental health professionals who work with young anxious children and their parents. Organised into a 10-session parenting-based course, the book provides...


Safety plan

This Safety Plan document can be used with a young person to explore their suicidal thoughts in more detail and formulate a plan for staying...


Coping with self-harm; a guide for parents and carers

Young people's self-harm can leave families confused, anxious and feeling like there's nowhere to turn. Now, based on in-depth research with parents, a team from...



UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people has an extensive informative website for young people and for adults supporting them.

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MindEd e-learning portal is a huge free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health; to help you become informed and better equipped when supporting children and young people. Try searching for a given topic, e.g. ‘loss and grief’ or ‘eating problems’.

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NHS Choices (youth mental health)

An information hub on youth mental health offering young people advice and help on mental health problems including ‘why do I feel so down?’ and ‘tips for coping with depression’.

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