MindMate Support Team

Who are the MindMate Support Team?

The MindMate Support Team offer early emotional wellbeing support for young people up to 19 years old in education settings across Leeds. Our service was developed in partnership with mental health services, education providers and young people. Our aim is to improve access to support for children and young people, to prevent any emotional wellbeing difficulties becoming harder to manage.

We also work with staff in education settings to build cultures where wellbeing is prioritised for all.

What the MindMate can support you with

We offer one to one and group support for children and young people who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing. Some of the things we can support you with are

  • Low mood
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Managing emotions
  • Sleep
  • Panic

In addition to providing direct support, we can offer resources to help you manage your emotions and support you to access other appropriate services.

We can also work with education staff to support you with your emotional wellbeing in the first instance (including consultation and providing resources). We also provide training and supportive problem-solving groups to education staff, alongside supporting education settings to develop and work within a positive whole setting approach putting young people’s emotional wellbeing at the heart of education.

How can I get support from the MindMate Support Team?

We are currently only able to offer support to you if you attend one of the following education settings:

  • Leeds City College
  • Leeds College of Building
  • Notre Dame Sixth Form College
  • Leeds Arts University (certain courses)
  • Elliott Hudson College
  • Aspire Igen
  • Nacro
  • Southway
  • Medical Needs Teaching Service

Electively Home Education

To access our service, you can:

  • Speak to a staff member in your education setting and they can contact the team on your behalf.
  • Come along to a MindMate Support Team drop in, where you can speak privately to one of the team without an appointment. Drop ins are advertised throughout the education settings we work in. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0300 555 0566, or email us at mmsupportteam@nhs.net to find out when the next drop in is.
  • You can make a self-referral through MindMate Single Point of Access. Who will forward your referral to us if they think we are the right service to support you
Is the service confidential?

We keep your information private and confidential, but we do share some things with your education setting unless you ask us not to. This will usually include letting them know you are receiving support from our service and letting them know when this support finishes.

We will always try to discuss information we need to share outside of our team with you first so that you know what we might say and why.