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Resources for young people during the coronavirus outbreak

It’s vital to look after your body and health during the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s also really important that you take care of your wellbeing and mental health as well. Here are some resources to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during the coronavirus outbreak and period of social isolation, all from trusted sources and recommended and approved by young people in Leeds. Give them a try and feel free to share if you find them useful.

Resources for you

YoungMinds website

Help and support – lots of pages of info, tips and advice

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Think Ninja app

ThinkNinja is a free app specifically designed to educate 10-18 year olds about mental health, emotional wellbeing and to provide skills young people can use to build resilience and stay well. It has been updated recently with Covid-19 content.

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The Helpful Hub

This has loads of helpful info and posts on how to cope with the impacts of Coronavirus

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Coping with an eating disorder

A blog containing ideas on how to navigate stockpiling, exercise and ‘safe’ food.

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Looking after your wellbeing while self-isolating

Top tips from young people with experiences of mental health difficulties.

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Resources on managing anxiety

Loads of resources, all nicely listed and totally downloadable

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'YoungScot' resources

Lots of information on the coronavirus outbreak, and resources for support

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