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Help from your school

Lots of students get support from their school when they’re struggling or everything feels too much. You can speak to a teacher or anyone working in your school about anything that’s bothering you, whether it’s school related or something totally different.

In Leeds, schools have a range of services including family support and counselling that can support you. This is offered in schools from a team of local professionals. Talk to a member of staff at school that you trust about this. This support is called MindMate Wellbeing or Cluster Mental Health Support.

All schools in Leeds are expected to provide a ‘core offer’ of support to make sure you get the help you need. If schools need additional support from professionals to meet your needs they can access this. Find out more about this on the Leeds Local Offer site

You can also ask your school if they have signed up to the ‘MindMate Champions’ programme – where schools in Leeds are teaching their students about positive mental health through ‘MindMate Lessons’.

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