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Thinking of suicide? Need urgent help?

If you’ve injured yourself or taken an overdose, get immediate medical treatment from A&E. In an emergency, call 999.

If you are feeling suicidal and you need to speak to somebody straight away, you can call ChildLine free on 0800 1111.

Suicidal feelings can make you feel alone and like there’s no hope. No matter how bad things get though, remember that you’re not alone and things can change for the better.

Take action straight away

If you’re feeling suicidal or you feel like you might harm yourself, it’s important that you speak to someone straight away. You can:

  • Call a ChildLine counsellor free on 0800 1111. They are here for you, they care about you and they want to help you – any time of the day or night.
    In an emergency, for example if you’ve taken an overdose or seriously injured yourself, call 999
  • If you’re having suicidal feelings, you can also speak to your GP. They can talk about the thoughts you’re having and make sure you get the help and support you need.
  • The Samaritans are here for you if you’re feeling depressed, desperate or need to talk. Their confidential helpline is open 24 hours a day: FREECALL 116123

No matter how you’re feeling now and how strong those feelings might be, with the right support you’ll be able to overcome these overwhelming feelings. For more help and information, please visit the links below.

Things you might find useful


The Samaritans are here for you if you’re feeling depressed, desperate or having suicidal thoughts.

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CALM are here to provide help and support and prevent suicide for men.

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The NHS has more information about suicide, including where you can go for help.

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If you don’t need to speak to someone urgently, the ChildLine website offers lots of advice about having suicidal thoughts, and you can chat online confidentially.

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Mind can help you understand your feelings and learn how to cope with them.

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