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Urgent help

If you’ve seriously injured yourself or taken an overdose call 999 or get immediate medical treatment from A&E. If you are feeling suicidal or in a crisis and feel like you can’t cope, speak to somebody straight away. If possible, make sure you’re not on your own. Search below for free help – there are different services depending on how old you are.

Teen Connect

OPEN: Mon-Fri 3.30pm–2.00am

Sat-Sun 6.00pm–2.00am

AGE: 11-18 years

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Safe Zone - a place to go in crisis

  • Call 0113 8198189 to arrange a visit

OPEN: Monday 7pm – 10pm

AGE: 11-17 years

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OPEN: 6pm – 2am

AGE: 18+

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Dial House - a place to go in crisis

  • Call 0113 2609328 to arrange a visit
  • Text/signal 07922249452 to arrange a visit

OPEN: 6pm – 2am Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun

AGE: 18+

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The Market Place drop in

  • No appointment needed
  • 18A New Market Street, Leeds, LS1 6DG

OPEN: every afternoon including weekends

AGE: 13-25 years

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  • Text SHOUT to 8525

OPEN: 24/7



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Thinking about suicide?

OPEN: Weekdays 9am – 10pm, Weekends/ bank holidays 2pm – 10pm


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Well-Bean Hope in a Crisis cafe

  • Call or text 07769173476 to arrange a visit

OPEN: Every night 6pm – midnight

Sat, Sun and Mon – Lincoln Green

Tues, Weds – Beeston

Thurs, Fri – Wortley

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  • Call 116123

OPEN: 24/7

AGE: 18+

Visit webpage


  • Call 0800 1111

OPEN 24/7

AGE: Under 18 years

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Get support

If you’ve been having suicidal feelings or have been in crisis you can also speak to your GP. You can talk about the thoughts you’ve been having in a safe space and they can help you get the support you need. You can get ongoing support in Leeds to talk through your difficult feelings – find out more about ‘What’s in Leeds for me?’ You may feel totally alone and like there’s no hope. No matter how bad things get and how strong those feelings might be, with the right support you’ll be able to overcome these overwhelming feelings.

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