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Illustration of young people with one using crutches

Feeling angry?

Anger is a strong feeling which can be really intense and uncomfortable. It’s hard to avoid feeling angry, but acting aggressively can make things worse. Understanding what is making you angry can help you do things differently.

Think about what is making you angry. Something might be wrong and you might need help sorting it out. Things might be stressing you out, or something bad may have happened to you recently or in the past. It will probably help to talk to somebody about this.

Recognising when you feel angry and what makes you calm down is an important starting point. Our Stress Pot game might help you understand and break down your angry feelings.

Some people think alcohol or drugs help them calm down, but lots of people find that their use can make you angrier and out of control.

Things you might find useful

Young Minds Anger Factsheet

Find out how anger affects the body and get ideas on ways to cope.

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Stop, listen and relax

We’ve put together some MindMate relaxation recordings which you can access on your phone through headphones to help you calm down and relax.

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NHS Choices

Tips and advice on dealing with anger and details for who you can contact if you need further support.

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Young Men's Health

Exploring anger and why it affects us the way it does, with tips on dealing with it.

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