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Feel like hurting yourself?

It can be so hard to deal with issues or express how you’re feeling. These strong feelings can make some people want to hurt themselves on purpose, or ‘self-harm’.

How can I get help?

For urgent help click here

For support with self harm locally go to What’s in Leeds for me?

Why do people self-harm?

There are many reasons why people might want to do this. For some people it is a way to cope with or express overwhelming emotions or relieve tension that’s just too much. Self-harm can also be a way of showing someone how upset you feel. It can be a way of controlling something, especially if other parts of your life feel out of control or you’re trapped in a difficult situation.

People self-harm for many different or personal reasons and you may not fully understand why you want to – but there are different ways to cope and get help.

More about self harm including drink and drugs

Some people hurt themselves to try and feel more in control of their lives. Some people may take risks, such as starting fights, hanging out with people who are not good for them or taking risks that put their lives in danger. Using drugs and alcohol can make people take risks and do things that they wouldn’t normally do if sober.

Things you might find useful

Calm Harm

App designed to help manage the urge to self harm. Download the Calm Harm app from App Store / Google Play. Select ‘West Yorkshire’.

Find out more


What is self harm? Plus self harm help

Visit website


The messaging boards are a useful place to find support and advice around self-harm.

Visit website

No Harm Done

A short film by YoungMinds co-produced with young people affected by self-harm

Watch YouTube film

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