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Leeds MindMate Single Point of Access

Leeds MindMate SPA is for professionals to refer into, when they are working with children and young people and identify they have a need for support with their emotional wellbeing or mental health.

Leeds MindMate SPA will work with all services available locally to find the right support for the child / young person.

It is for all children and young people who have a Leeds GP, up to the age of 18.

Download referral form Download patient information leaflet

How to make a referral

  • You can refer over the phone by calling 0113 376 0324 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • To refer by email – Gain consent, fill out the referral form with as much information as you can from the young person and/or their family. Also, ensure a patient information leaflet is provided. Email the completed forms to leeds.mindmatespa@nhs.net. You must use a secure email address (e.g nhs.net, gcsx.gov.uk) that is monitored regularly.

Frequently asked questions

Who can make a referral?

GP / health care professionals – can make a referral to the SPA directly, using the guidance and forms on this page.

Social workers – can make a referral to the SPA directly if you are unsure the standard council-provided services (e.g the Therapeutic Social Work Service and Families First Programme) are right for the child / young person.

School staff – cannot make a referral to the SPA directly. In the first instance you should speak to your school’s cluster support and guidance panel about Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health support (formerly TaMHS) which can offer support and may make a referral directly to the SPA if they feel specialist services are needed.

School nurses – in the first instance continue to use the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Pathway but you can make a direct referral to the SPA when there has been no improvement in the young person’s wellbeing after the Pathway, or the level of intervention is beyond the scope of the offer, for example suspected autism.

College staff – cannot make a referral to the SPA directly. In the first instance you should speak to your college’s Stay Safe Officer or designated staff member which can offer support. Only these staff can make a referral directly to the SPA if they feel more specialist support is necessary – for example CAMHS.

Does the SPA accept self-referrals?

No. If you are a young person or a family member you should make an appointment with your GP in the first instance, or talk about it with a year head, teacher, or support staff member at school. They can help direct you to the right place.

Getting consent before making a referral.

Leeds MindMate SPAmay have to pass the young person’s information outside of the NHS to schools, the council or other agencies for the purposes of patient care. It is essential that the young person or family understands and consents to this. The easiest way to do this is by sharing the patient information leafletwith them. You must then get verbal consent either from the parent/carer or the child/young person (if they meet Gillick Competency).

To order hard copies of the patient information leaflet email LSECCG.comms@nhs.net

Referrals without confirmed consent cannot be processed by the SPA and will be returned to the referrer for completion.

What happens next?

The SPA team may contact you or the parent/carer or child/young person if they need further information.

Daily referral management meetings will be held to determine the best service to meet the young person’s needs. The SPA team will contact you and the family by letter to inform you both of the outcome.

What if the young person needs to be seen urgently

You can call the Leeds MindMate SPA and a duty clinician will determine an appropriate response according to the presenting needs of the child/young person.

What if the need is an emergency?

If the young person has seriously injured themselves or taken an over dose you need to send them to the Emergency Department (please note that for under 16s this is at Leeds General Infirmary only).

Will clinical advice be available via this number if I need it?

No. The Leeds MindMate SPA cannot offer on-the-spot advice on presenting issues.

Will it guarantee a Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) referral?

No. The SPA will work with a range of services available to find the most appropriate to meet the child / young person’s needs and this is the best way to explain the referral to the young person or family.

What if there is a safeguarding issue?

If you suspect that a child or young person is being harmed or is at risk of being harmed then you have a duty to report it immediately. Visit the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board websitewww.leedslscb.org.uk for further advice.

Download referral form Download patient information leaflet

Still looking for assistance?

Please contact the Leeds MindMate SPA team on:

0113 376 0324

Please contact the Leeds MindMate SPA team on:

0113 376 0324

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