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Are you a young parent or a parent to be?

Finding out you’re pregnant can come with a lot of positive emotions but it can be difficult too. If you’re expecting a baby and are struggling with your emotional wellbeing there is support out there. If you’re the partner this means you too. You may find these difficult emotions fade once the baby arrives, but if not there is help out there to support you.

This is just as important as looking after your physical health whilst you’re pregnant and after the birth. Becoming a parent at any age can be an emotional time and very stressful, but maybe even more so if you’re under the age of 25. If you’re finding it hard to cope it is important to reach out. See below for information and support available in Leeds for young parents before and after birth.

Maternity Care

The teenage pregnancy team in Leeds are for under 19s only and you can contact them directly even if you haven’t told anyone else or been seen by your doctor.

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Getaway Girls

Getaway Girls is a brilliant place for younger mothers to socialise and get support.

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Mental health support for parents

Information on MindWell about support available for new parents in Leeds

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Parenting courses

YMCA offer a training course throughout pregnancy, teaching the parents about what to do when you have the baby.. this is a qualification.

I'm a new mum

Information on MindWell about taking care of your wellbeing as a new mum and finding different forms of support in Leeds

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Leeds Dads

Leeds Dads is a voluntary service that brings all dads together for support and social interaction.

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One You Leeds

One You Leeds offer courses based around families such as losing weight, stopping smoking and cooking courses.
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Chat Health

Text Chat Health 07520619750 for advice on any health issue.

You will receive real time advice between 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon- Fri.

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