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Volunteer for MindMate

Are you aged 16-24? Would you like to help out ‘behind the scenes’ of MindMate?

Then we’d love to hear from you. We have monthly meetings in Leeds as well as on online group. It’s a great way to let us know what you think, help shape the website and volunteer your time to help raise awareness in the city.

You can volunteer with us at different events where we give out information and talk to members of the public or professionals in the city about MindMate.

Want to blog for MindMate? or take part in a MindMate podcast?

We are always looking for new bloggers. We are going to record a series of chats for our MindMate podcast this winter. If you’ve got something to say you can write about it or speak to us about it. Find out how

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How to get involved

Head over to the MindMate Volunteer page on Facebook to find out what’s going on. This is a closed group so you need to request to join.

You can also email us at mindmate@nhs.net to tell us you’re interested.

What’s Future in Mind?

Future in Mind: Leeds is a strategy all about how people in Leeds are working together to improve children and young people’s emotional and mental health. Read more in this Quick Guide 

How young people in Leeds helped to create MindMate

Making MindMate wasn’t quite like making any other site.

We had to make sure that every section was truly useful so we worked with young people, professionals and parents/carers every step of the way, using their advice to make MindMate even better.

  • Young people help decide what content should be included on the site
  • They help us to choose the topics that really matter to young people
  • We work with them to develop our tone voice and decide on more straightforward terms like ‘feeling sad’ instead of ‘depression’
  • We work them to decide how the site should look. They told us it should be simple, easy to use, bright and accessible, without being kiddie
  • Young people help test the site and games, and decide on future developments.

Every word, link and resource we use is approved by young people – whether it was written for them or it’s a resource that MindMate is recommending for professionals to use with children and young people. We’re changing the site all the time, adding new content, topics, games etc, to make sure we’re giving young people in the city what they need

Oh, and, of course it’s young people in Leeds who provide the voices for our animations and films, too (after they’ve helped us to write the script, that is).

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