Meet the team

MindMate Leeds is a collaboration between young people and professionals in the city, commissioned by NHS Leeds CCG and Future in Mind, Leeds. Contact us via email at Scroll down to read about the MindMate Ambassador team and what they do.

Rachael, MindMate Ambassador

I first got involved with MindMate as I have lived experience with mental health issues and also a passion for change. I want to help encourage young people to use their voice more often when it comes to mental health.

Charlotte, MindMate Ambassador

I am currently studying Music Psychology at the University of Leeds, and am beyond excited to be able to use my own struggles with mental health throughout the years to help fight stigma and start the conversation on some of the more difficult topics! There are some fantastic organisations in Leeds, and I look forward to spreading the word, and helping to create a positive space for young people.

Sam, MindMate Ambassador

After studying my degree in Leeds, I’m now pursuing my dance teacher career, doing my Masters and PGCE in secondary education. I have personal experience of mental health issues and I believe that every young person should be able to have a voice and get the support they need, when they need it. I want to end the stigma and raise awareness of how important it is to prioritise our mental and emotional wellbeing. I feel privileged to be able to be a MindMate Ambassador to make an impact and positive change for all young people in Leeds.

Pratyasha, MindMate Ambassdor

I am a sixth form student and an aspiring medic. I got involved with MindMate in the hopes of making a difference for young people who may be suffering in silence and spreading awareness of mental health issues in today’s society, especially in South Asian and other ethnic minority cultures. Through my role, I hope to make a difference and have a positive and meaningful impact on others.

Gage, MindMate Ambassador

I’m an indie filmmaker from Leeds. I started working with MindMate because I know how tough it can be to talk about mental health, so want to help people find that voice.

Aimee, MindMate Ambassador

I am currently studying Fashion Creative Direction at University, and I joined MindMate after having lived experience with mental health. I hope to use my creativity to find ways to engage more young people in mental health, increase education and reduce stigma.

Jane, Leeds CCG

My role is leading how we plan, develop and buy children’s, young people’s and maternity health services in the city. MindMate is a great resource because children, young people and parents continually shape its content.

Lucy, Leeds CCG

I am passionate about improving and raising awareness of Mental Health support for Children and Young People of Leeds. I love working with the MindMate team to help develop and promote the website and services available.

Liz, Common Room

I help young people and families work with MindMate, enabling them to have a say about plans in the city, and about the support and information available. I manage the MindMate Ambassador team, support MindMate Volunteers and facilitate the MindMate Professional Approval panel to ensure information on this site is clinically safe and evidence based.

Mia, Leeds CCG

My role is to provide communications support to MindMate. This includes managing the social media accounts, planning campaigns, and helping to raise awareness of MindMate among professionals and the public.

Jayne, Leeds CCG

My role is to lead our team of Commissioning Managers to plan, develop and buy children and young people’s health services across Leeds. MindMate is a fantastic resource to support children, young people, their families and the professionals that work with them and we continuously work to improve both the website and support available across the city.

About the MindMate Ambassador team

We are a small team of part-time MindMate employees between 16 and 24 years here to represent young people and their views and help make MindMate relevant to young people.  We all have our own reasons for getting involved and love what we do because it relates to our own personal interests or plays into our strengths! Most of us have lived experience or know people who are closely affected by mental health issues and the support systems in Leeds.

What we do

We have one main goal which is to reduce stigma around mental health and create a more open conversation about how young people are actually feeling. We do all sorts of work in the city to help promote MindMate. You may have seen our Dougal bus (camper van)! He was part of MindMate in the City – a campaign which allowed us to attend events and meet loads of you guys, whether professional, parent or teen, to help spread the word about MindMate.

We’ve attended conferences, board meetings, visited schools and attended courses about mental health. We’ve also written blogs and helped design and write parts of the website. Find out more about Leeds MindMate Ambassadors via YouTube.