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About MindMate

MindMate is a Leeds-based website for young people, their families and the professionals who support them. We’re here to help you explore emotional wellbeing and mental health issues and offer information about where support is available.

Please note, the website is not designed to diagnose emotional problems or mental health conditions and we cannot respond to enquiries from individuals relating to their health. For urgent help click here

Working with young people

Children and young people in Leeds have helped create and develop the MindMate site every step of the way. Our involvement panel approve the content on each page, test the games, check the web links and help us create new content. If you are 14-24 years and you are interested in getting involved in MindMate find out more here.

Working with parents and carers

Parents and carers in Leeds have helped create the content on the parent carer pages. If you are a parent and want to get more involved please email us mindmate@nhs.net, we’d love to hear from you.

Working with professionals

We’ve created this website alongside professionals including the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in Leeds and other key partners: Leeds City Council, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, GPs, Forward Leeds, YoungMinds, Common Room and The Market Place.  Meet the current MindMate team here.

Our professional approval panel check all content and links on the MindMate site. We want to make sure the information reflects how we work in Leeds and is clinically safe for children, young people and families.

Special thanks to our authors and professional approvers

  • Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Associate Professor in Health Psychology,  University of Leeds
  • Dr Anna Weighall, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Leeds
  • Lesley Naylor, Therapeutic Social Work Team
  • Lydia Burfield, CAMHS Training Coordinator and Family Therapist
  • Martin Groom, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist,  IAPT
  • Adele Dempster, Cluster & Targeted Services Leader
  • Dr Susan Ritchie, Senior Educational Psychologist, Complex Needs Team



MindMate is part of the Future in Mind:Leeds Strategy – a plan for Leeds explaining how people will work together to improve children and young people’s emotional and mental health. Read more about the plan here

Thanks and we hope MindMate is helpful to you.

P.S. Is this not the information you expected? If you’re looking for information on dementia, please check out the MindMate App from our friends from Glasgow, designed for people with dementia.

MindMate is not responsible for content on websites or apps mentioned on the site. Always read the app’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to see how your data may be used. Read our advice about messageboards on our Worried About Bullying page.